About P.GRAX


P.Grax is Earth and Heaven.

It’s the Point of Grass: the roots, the ground and nature where everything springs, grows and expands.
It’s the Highest Point: the peak, the farthest point, aiming at the infinite universe.
Two meanings tied up, in an endless balance.


A figure composed of two 8, laid one on top of the other, joined forever.
It holds the Infinity symbol,  the boundless flow of the universe, where everything is cyclical.
From which all is born, in which all flows, where all points to.


Green as grass, nature and youth.
P.Grax’s green colour embodies the respect of environment and ethics as our core values.


The label name hides a code describing in the best way that we are : “a perfect point of view from the Mediterranean Sea”.
It’s where the East and the West meet, two far geographic points joined by the sea.
The East: Istanbul city, where Cuno Group – owned by the Samsama family – is based. As first-rate denim manufacturing company, it honours, represents and enriches the ancient tradition of Turkish manufacturing.

The West: Bologna, chief town of the Emilia-Romagna Region, within the heart of Italy. It’s P.Grax’s home, where the company 8tto creates ideas, design, strategies and develops the brand distribution, standing out as an example of the extraordinary Italian skills in fashion and creativity.
Based on the same ideals and common purposes, the strong synergy between Cuno Group and 8tto is committed in creating and delivering jeans made with respect, care and love, in honor of denim.


Over the years we’ve learned to “feel” the market and to know intuitively its trends. That’s why we define ourselves as Post-Atomic, for being finely-tuned to what future holds. According to our identity and our principles, we produce innovative and contemporary jeans, with the utmost respect of the true roots of Denim fabric, where aesthetics always combines with ethics.

At the moment, P.Grax produces styles for man only.
The fittings comply with the denim tradition, ranging from basic 5 pockets jeans developed in their representative shapes (slim, tapered, regular), to more fashion styles with contemporary fits (cropped, antrofit, carrot, chino).
All our materials are selected according to the great Turkish denim tradition, from woven fabrics made of pure cotton to more comfort stretch textiles.
Finishes and treatments are the most appropriate for each fabric.


To honor denim, manufacturing jeans with love…
in order to leave a mark.

We wish you every success in working with P.Grax